Remember the famous outrigger chase?

We know Boat 1 has Sawyer, Locke, Faraday, Charlotte, Miles, and Juliet and Boat 2 appears to have at least 3 passengers (affectionately called the Other Others). Juliet, in boat 1 shoots and apparently hits someone... then FLASH! Son of a bitch!

Now here we are pre-epi 15 ... hoping to find out eventually what happened! What I'm posing today is a survey.

  • Who could be the Other Others in boat 2?
  • why did they start shooting at boat 1? and
  • who got shot?

Who are the passengers in Boat 2... my nominees are:

  • Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Sawyer (either Kate or Sawyer is lying down cuz they are injured)
  • Ben, Miles, and Richard

Why did they start shooting? my nominees are:

  • Jack - not knowing it was the real Locke
  • Sawyer - in a primal reaction of rage and fury
  • Hurley - because jacob told him to?
  • Kate - she's still jealous of Juliet and Sawyer
  • Ben - cuz he's an evil bastard, oh wait, he's not anymore
  • Miles - he's never been trigger happy
  • Richard - he is hoping he'll get shot back and finally die already

Who gets shot by Juliet... my nominees are:

  • Kate - finally Juliet gets her jealous revenge!
  • Sawyer - Oh, the bittersweet and tragic irony
  • Hurley - I think I'm gonna cry, ultimately, tho it's too sad and pointless
  • Jack - I doubt it
  • Ben - no Ben, YOU'RE MINE! << evil laugh! >>
  • Miles - to write him out
  • Richard - he won't die

So, my vote goes to ... Juliet shoots (and kills) Sawyer who gets triggered by seeing Juliet again in happier times and goes all-Rambo on Locke hoping to kill him so none of this what happened S*^t happens.

To me this is the most LOST-like twist of fate. BUT... I know the writers always throw in a LOOP that I'm never expecting - which is why I LOVE L O S T!

So, now I leave it to you. Who do you think was/will be the Other Others? Why do you think they shot at boat 1? And who do you think got/gets shot?

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