I can't help thinking that desmond turning the failsafe key wasn't the beginning or the end of something. It was so similar to when the wheel got turned and so I think those events are related to to the time loop. I have all these bits of the puzzle in my head but can't suss it all out. Can you help?

Kelvin said turning the key would make it all go away

Everyone on the Pala dock saw the flash, heard the painful noises , etc... may have time travelled

Charlie seemed off somehow right afterwards

Locke couldn't talk but started on a mission of sorts after "talking" with the island in his dreams

Desmond travelled in time to the past and began seeing the future

Eko got killed by smokey soon after

Ben moved the island

Locke stopped the time travel

I'm sure there are more oddities that can be added to this list...

What can you add? Any ideas about what I'm trying desperatly to get at?

Thank you in advance for your genius contributions.

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