Last night, in the rewatch of Sundown, the pop-up was talking about being able to dead people on the island... it mentioned that Jack and Claire saw their dad, Ben saw his mom, and Hurley saw his "imaginary friend" Dave.

That got me thinking... why would this tidbit have been included?

Could Dave have been a real person who Hurley once knew but now (for some reason) doesn't remember knowing? Could Dave have been a "ghost" (ala visits to Hurley from Charlie, Eko, Jacob, etc.)?

Could Dave have been part of MIB? Who spoke first, Dave or Hurley? Dave did try to get Hurley to jump off the cliff, so I guess it's possible Dave was MIB trying to tempt Hurley. However, it didn't work because Libby stopped him from jumping. Was Libby's interruption akin to Richard/Jack's dynamite fuse sputtering out? Was Hurley stronger than MIB and able to resist his temptation that "this would all go away" if he jumped? Is that why Jacob trusts Hurley so much?

Can Hurley not kill himself? Could that be why the rope bridge didn't collapse when Hurley was walking on it (Numbers)? How does all this fit with everything else we already know about Hurley, MIB, Jacob, LOST, etc., etc.

Do you see the trouble this stupid little pop-up has caused in my poor spinning brain!

Any insights offered will be appreciated!

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