In light of newly revealed Season 6 information, I've revisited the Dreams and visions on the island. Fascinating new read BTW.

I'm struck wondering about Richard's (and therefore Jacob's) motives.

What on earth were Richard's motives when he "steered" both Ben and later Locke (by sharing Sawyer's file in The Brig) to kill their fathers. I mean, if Richard was working as Jacob's "advisor" then what motive could he have for this? Doesn't seem likely for Jacob to approve of this kind of behavior. Killing your father seems more up The Other Guy's alley.

Granted I'm inferring that Richard "steered" Ben, but it seems likely given that's his job AND that's how it happened with Locke. That's some sound logic, no?

I can't seem to get a handle on this. Can anyone help me to put this into some kind of perspective?

This question also makes me wonder how the Jack and Christian dynamic might come into play and how that will be resolved/explained in the SO VERY FEW REMAINING EPISODES WE HAVE LEFT!!!


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