What's not to love about that epi? My favorite parts were:

  • Desmond. Period.
  • Ben as DrLinus gets his ass whooped ... again
  • Danielle X in a dress wearing lipstick and heels?! Classic.
  • Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Jack still mourning and looking out to sea.
  • Brave Kate stands up for Sun and Jin.
  • We're going to have to kill Locke. - Kate I know. - Jack
  • Terry O'Quinn deserves an Emmy. Period.
  • Richard gets blasted!
  • Can I get you some lemonade? - Ben
  • Widmore changed the rules by killing Ben's dauthter so Widmore goes down! (aha! a rule)
  • You became a mother. It's just a line of chalk on a wall, Kate. - Jacob (aha! another rule)
  • Our hero steps up and drinks the Kool-aid.
  • Jack X tells Locke X not to mistake coincidence for fate and now LockeX is READY to let go
  • We're all going to Eloise's party!!

I can NOT wait until the end.

I invite you to add your favorites to my list. Namaste.

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