It's been a while for me so I'm fuzzy on the details, but Eko got scanned first and was killed a few epis later. But what was Eko up to in between?

Now that we know what The Other Guy's MO is, it now seems like he sent Eko to do something evil and in return he'd give Eko what he most wanted (i.e., to be again with his beloved little brother Yemi) So, what kind of mission could smokey have sent him on?

I remember Eko was pretty darn insistant that that button had to be pushed...

Remember that awesome scene when everything in the hatch started to go haywire, Eko exploded his bomb, Locke smashed the computer monitor on the floor, Desmond had his lightbulb moment, and everything starts shaking and flying ... and John Locke whines like a scared little girl, "I was wrong" ... such great acting! I digress...

With our new season 6 hindsight, I ask: Was John really wrong?

If Eko was doing MIB's dirty work, why would the evil want the Swan NOT to implode?

Now, on to the meat of this post. How come after smokey killed Eko we saw Eko and Yemi walking off into the sunset together. Only time that's happened to date.

My tenuous theory about that is that Eko was being judged by smokey-as-Yemi and since Eko didn't/wouldn't repent, and he wasn't sorry, MIB let him live happily ever after because Eko had a heart of black. Sort of like a Score-one-for-The Other Guy thing??

What do you think about this??

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