We know very little about Desmond's past. The earliest we know is the night he got drunk when he ditched his fianceé and then Brother Campbell brought him the monastary. That's about it.

Who are Desmond's parents?!? Where'd he come from? Maybe he's uniquely and miraculously special in that he doesn't have parents?!!?

Here's another thing I find intriguing... Eloise's past from the time she kills Daniel until she's off-island dashing his dreams of a piano-playing future is a blank. We do know she's chummy with Brother Campbell. It makes me think maybe she's a bit like Abbadon, helping people get where they're supposed to be. Sort of the "time-police" (I think Darlton called her that once). If so, she effectively steered Desmond into meeting Penny. Was that on purpose? Widmore has been against that relationship since Day 1 in the OT. BTW why did Eloise and Charles breakup? 'Cause he cheated on her??

Who's side is she on anyway?? In the OT, how does she know Desmond's destiny is to dump Penny, push the button, etc? In the FST, how does she know Desmond's "not ready yet" or that there's been a "violation"???? WTF!?

I need a Dezzy and Eloise flashback to fill in some serious gaps!

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