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    Eloise's Party

    May 19, 2010 by Withac

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Widmore are throwing a goodbye bash on Sunday night!

    With entertainment by David Shephard, Little Boy Dogen, Daniel Faraday, and special guest Charlie Pace from Drive Shaft.

    Who's who will be in attendance.

    So far it's slated to be: Penny, Kate and Desmond, Sayid and Hurley (is Libby in the Hummer?), Sawyer, Charlotte, Miles, Jack and Claire, David's mother (has to be Juliet, no?), maybe Dr. Chang, maybe Dogen, maybe Jack's mom, maybe Liam, is Ana Lucia on security?, Locke and Helen?

    who am I missing?

    Will Eloise whisk them all off to the lamp post? Theories anyone??

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    What a Journey

    May 19, 2010 by Withac

    What's not to love about that epi? My favorite parts were:

    • Desmond. Period.
    • Ben as DrLinus gets his ass whooped ... again
    • Danielle X in a dress wearing lipstick and heels?! Classic.
    • Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Jack still mourning and looking out to sea.
    • Brave Kate stands up for Sun and Jin.
    • We're going to have to kill Locke. - Kate I know. - Jack
    • Terry O'Quinn deserves an Emmy. Period.
    • Richard gets blasted!
    • Can I get you some lemonade? - Ben
    • Widmore changed the rules by killing Ben's dauthter so Widmore goes down! (aha! a rule)
    • You became a mother. It's just a line of chalk on a wall, Kate. - Jacob (aha! another rule)
    • Our hero steps up and drinks the Kool-aid.
    • Jack X tells Locke X not to mistake coincidence for fate and now LockeX is READY to let go
    • We'r…
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    How sad am i?

    May 19, 2010 by Withac

    My phone reminder just dinged to let me know it's 15 minutes to LOST ... and I realized that I now have to turn that reminder off :'(

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    what's missing still

    May 17, 2010 by Withac

    In The Beginning of the End Eloise says "for the first time in a long time, I don't know what is going to happen next." This is a MAJOR and CRUCIAL part of the story that we don't know yet either. When she slaps Charles is where we left off...

    I'm guessing he went right into the hospital and swiped Desmond, but where did she go? What about flight 316 - did it go off radar? Is anyone looking for them?

    What the heck happens in the OT after flight 316??? This will likely be the storyline we'll be wrapping up with in the end and I can't wait! :)

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  • Withac

    When Jacob was talking to Mother on the beach, and she asked him if he would stay with her, he said "yes. for a while." Why for a while?

    Any ideas?

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