Kids on LOST

Wish1412 February 13, 2009 User blog:Wish1412

I just thought this about all the kids on LOST……none of them have a two parent household except for (possibly) Desmond and Penny’s kid. Here’s the rundown:

Penny Widmore – We see only her Father Desmond – don’t recall seeing either Ben Linus – Only his Father Alex – Only her Mother (Rosseau) Jack – Only his Father Locke – We see both his parents Kate – Her real Mom but not her real Dad Sawyer – Mom and a step-Dad? Walt – Mom dies and then he gets Michael Michael – only see his Mom Hurley – Dad just came back into the picture. Aaron – Claire Claire – only her Mom Boone - Only his Mom Sun – Only her Father Jin – Only his Father Sun’s kid – Jin is ‘dead’ Sayid – no idea Shannon – Dad dies, left with step mom Ana-Lucia – only her Mom Faraday – no idea Miles – Dr. Candle?

Accurate? Thoughts?

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