So I have a theory that I don't think has been talked about.. And if I'm missing something, let me know. I just rewatched the two Claire central episodes, one of which focused on Claire's mum in the coma. They show Claire pregnant at the end telling her mother that shes giving the baby up for adoption.. So we assume that when Claire got on 815 her mother was still in a coma. So... did she wake up? Thats never explained. But here's my theory: What if she didn't wake up, and the woman we think is Mrs. Littelton is someone posing as her to get the settlement? Or, what if this woman was in fact hired by Ben, which is why they have the same lawyer? This would then put Aaron right where Ben wants him: with the fake Mrs. Littleton, who was hired by Ben to get Aaron. I know when Jack went to talk to her, she said "Who's Aaron?", but she could have been faking it (especially if she is someone who works for Ben, the master faker).. The other thing that seems to suggest this is true is that the actress who plays the woman in the coma is different from the one we see now (which could just be an actor issue, but who knows). Maybe I'm thinking way too much into this... But it seems like just the sort of thing "Lost" would do to throw us off, while we're all concerned about crazy time travel.


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