I posted this in someone elses blog earlier, but the more I look at the more I'd like to start a conversation about it on it's own thread. So here's my veiw on fate, What's yours?

I still don't get why so many people "belive" now. I've always been a man of science and I always will be (that's why I miss Sean Sheep).

If I take Locke as an example, he "belives" for most of his life in the real world and look where that gets him... In a wheel chair paralyzed from the waist down. The only time "believing" works out for him is on the Island.

He "belived" they were there for a purpose, and he was right, someone had purposely brought them there. But that's not fate, at least not in my books. After knowing that Jacob is basically behind everything they considered to be "fate" on the show, I find it hard to swallow their defenition of fate.

Now, if I take myself as an example, it may have been my "fate" to become a programmer/analyst as my career choice, but there was no one in the background pulling my strings towards this outcome.

It's like the MiB says to Sawyer at some point, Jacob influenced his life from a very early age, as such, some of the choices Sawyer thought he was making were never really choices at all, to me this means that Sawyers "Destiny" as it were was decided for him by some 3rd party and that's not Fate. To me, if Fate does exist, it's naturally occuring not constructed.

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