I've been thinking about the ending of Via Domus and how it relates to the show and what we know. Now I know the game story isn't suppose to be considered cannon but I know the producers had some hand in it too. Now all that being said, at the end of Via Domus, Eliot takes a ship and tries to leave the Island. I can only imagine that the barring he took was either not the right one or not followed correctly as Eliot ends up back on the Island on Day 1, and the girl he killed is alive again. Now there are 2 options here as I see it,

  1. 1 : Eliot time traveled back to Day 1 and smokey or Easu has taken on her form.
  1. 2 : Whatever Happend Happend, is now out the window as case would seem to be that things can be changed in the past(Such as resurecting your dead girl).

What do you think?

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