So I switched over to the new style to give it a go. But this is so horribly bad that if I am forced to use this skin to navigate the wikia, I will be left with little choice but to abbandon the wikis. I do most of my stuff from work and our browsers are so far behind here (still on I.E 6) that I'm not even sure if what I'm seeing is what the skin is acctually suppose to look like.

I still don't get why wikia is shoving this down out throats, but I thought I'd give everyone my farewell before others start leaving over this too. It's really too bad cuz it's really rough trying to navigate this in I.E 6. Plus I lost the "My Home" option which I always loved as my home page here.

With all that said, I bid you all a good farewell, I enjoyed many discussions I've had here. I will check in from time to time, but I will be next to gone from the blogs once the new skin is in. As a last note, I will still be checking in on my Busting the LOST myths blogs as I still intend to send that to MythBusters at smoe point, but other then that, I guess this is good bye.

Later Folks, Why Didn't You Know?

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