• WhyDidntUKnow

    So I switched over to the new style to give it a go. But this is so horribly bad that if I am forced to use this skin to navigate the wikia, I will be left with little choice but to abbandon the wikis. I do most of my stuff from work and our browsers are so far behind here (still on I.E 6) that I'm not even sure if what I'm seeing is what the skin is acctually suppose to look like.

    I still don't get why wikia is shoving this down out throats, but I thought I'd give everyone my farewell before others start leaving over this too. It's really too bad cuz it's really rough trying to navigate this in I.E 6. Plus I lost the "My Home" option which I always loved as my home page here.

    With all that said, I bid you all a good farewell, I enjoyed many…

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  • WhyDidntUKnow

    I watched a few more clips from Jimmy's show after someone posted where are they now

    But I could not stop laughing after watching this one - This Week in Unnecessary Censorship - LOST Edition:

    Have fun, I know I did!

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  • WhyDidntUKnow

    What is Fate?

    August 17, 2010 by WhyDidntUKnow

    I posted this in someone elses blog earlier, but the more I look at the more I'd like to start a conversation about it on it's own thread. So here's my veiw on fate, What's yours?

    I still don't get why so many people "belive" now. I've always been a man of science and I always will be (that's why I miss Sean Sheep).

    If I take Locke as an example, he "belives" for most of his life in the real world and look where that gets him... In a wheel chair paralyzed from the waist down. The only time "believing" works out for him is on the Island.

    He "belived" they were there for a purpose, and he was right, someone had purposely brought them there. But that's not fate, at least not in my books. After knowing that Jacob is basically behind everything t…

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  • WhyDidntUKnow

    Hey guys,

    I don't know if any of you has ever heard of a show called MythBusters? But it's a show where they like to try out all sorts of Myths and Stories to see if any of them are actually true.

    For example picture a trail of gas and someone throwing their cigarette on it, the MythBusters prooved that it's not a verry effective way of blowing up a car, for instance they learned that one could just drive away since the gas doesn't burn fast enough.

    Well I want to try to inspire a LOST related episode. I want to try to come up with as many LOST myths that some one could test out in real life.

    I'll give you the one we came up with, yesterday I was watching Deus Ex Machina and this is where Jack uses a hollow needle from a sea urchine to perform…

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  • WhyDidntUKnow

    So I sat down and open youtube today and sure enough there was a LOST video in the "recomended" section and it was one of the re-cap shows, and wouldn't you know it Darlton acctually goes so far as to say Locke heard Jacob. (Right around 6:10 in the video).

    I never thought we'd get the answer to that, think we can trust em?

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