Ok, so I was pretty sold on the idea of the bomb creating a new timeline that evolved into the FST. But now Widmore (and his family) is making it seem that the whole FST is the result of MIB getting off the island and doing something bad. and then the OST will vanish ala back to the future. what? Does that mean the two timelines cant coexist (in different dimensions)? are they not happening at the same time? What is MIB going to do that will create this timeline? Or is it already existing after all?

And did the losties always set off jughead, or not? was the losties involvement in the incident a gamechanger that created the FST, or was it how it always happened?

the whole "always happened" ideology seems shaky since Widmore et al are bent on stopping MIB, as if there is a chance they can fail. So they are now changing the future/history, or making sure MIB doesn't change it?

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