So as far as who can die/kill themselves...

Technically isnt EVERYONE on the island a potential candidate? Until their names get crossed off? both lists (cave, lighthouse) indicate to me, that whoever made them had a big of list of possible ppl to pick. Then whatever process (of judging character or whatever) he started crossing names off. until the final six. "candidates." So from the dozens of POTENTIAL candidates, the real 6 POSSIBLE candidates emerge.

This is where I'm confused. Because the whole numbers mythology makes me think that wait--what if it was a different process of elimination. what if somehow Jacob/MIB knew the numbers were important, and then he was just looking for the people who the numbers corresponded to. Thus everyone but the 6 are completely irrelevant other than to be foils to the candidates. So the searching and testing was to find the people who corresponded to the numbers.

Now who gets to die/kill themselves? And is that 2 diff categories? Michael doesn't help, because either he was just a POTENTIAL like everyone else, or he was one of the POSSIBLE candidates (using the first theory of process of elimination).

Ugh i think the bottom line is if the island needs you alive to do something, you are not going to die. If you try to screw with destiny, the island/universe will course correct. Even the POTENTIAL candidates are important bc they helped the POSSIBLE candidates get to where they needed to be - physically as well as otherwise.

Feel free to berate at will I know this was a lot of thinking out loud.

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