Do you guys think it's possible MIB had no intention of being "the MIB" and was either destined to be, or tricked into it (like what he could have done w sawyer in the cave) and he just wants a regular life? maybe he hates turning into smoke and judging and killing?

Or is it all a ruse to escape the island and end the world?

I wonder - maybe he wasnt born evil incarnate, and had no idea this was what his "life" would ultimately entail.

Here's some of my thinking. In the Catholic tradition, there was real humanity involved when Mary found out she was the Immaculate Conception. She was terrified and thought she was unworthy. I feel like there was confusion and anxiety when Jesus realized His destiny as well. I've often wondered if the antichrist would have such feelings. Like he thought he was a regular dude who might grow up to be an accountant and have kids and a dog and then he realizes, "oops, no i have to end the world and serve Satan by unleashing demons and shit." That's kind of a bummer.

I bet MIB was the same, just like all the candidates who thought they would be doctors or businessmen or grifters who would just try and survive their normal lives, but now they've been sucked into this cosmic game of chess. Unlike Locke, who had always hoped there was greater purpose and meaning.

If Jack becomes Jacob, I think his thinking would be like this - we've seen it be so - angry and frustrated that he is involved in this craziness - all he wanted to do was bury his father and move on w his life. But it seems he is starting to be getting used to the idea and liking it. Of course i think the OG Locke is coming back to life to take Jacobs place, but thats just me.

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