So many of you have read the IMDB interview with Darlton, and i wont post details, because there are technically spoilers - as far as them saying what they WONT reveal. Their excuse was that they wanted to focus on characters and character growth rather than tying up certain loose ends, but this is garbage. Basically they ran out of time. Or ideas.

Character growth? Most of the characters found redemption, then went back to square one once the Oceanic 6 left. How about Sayid? He's a classic good guy in a bad situation looking to atone, and he fell back down TWICE. He comes back to life only to be evil? And with all that buildup, they halfass his "return to the light" with no fanfare, and then he dies suddenly. That was terrible. TERRIBLE. Sayid deserved better.

I feel like the last few episodes have been rushed, and I fear that idea will continue. Look at the pace of the first three or four episodes compared w the rest of the season.

They ran into some problems because around the time they started to lose fans, that they negotia

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