This is what I was waiting for!!!!

I loved that it was the black rock episode, and didnt dilute with fst or even island stories much.

Things I loved:

  • Richard's story!
  • MIB in his original form!!!! (Esau?) ;)
  • Jacob!
  • Jacob being a badass and punching!
  • Magnus Hanso!
  • Statue!
  • Statue smashing!
  • Black and white rocks!
  • Explanation of "evil" leaving the island!

Things I didn't love/have questions about:

  • Isn't Magnus Hanso supposed to be more significant? Are we to believe he just died outright? I can see how his name is significant in name only throughout the show except for Radzinsky's map showing the black rock as the place where Hanso died. What's so special about him? Nothing?
  • Some of you have said this, and Richard's back story was a liiiiiittle rushed, and not superb, up till the point he meets MIB.
  • Something about Isabella's ghost appearing seemed odd to me. Why could Richard see her? How did the monster get her? Aren't most ghosts on the island ghosts of people whose bodies are there?-Would have loved some more cgi boat. hey thats just me.
  • Is the EM energy a metaphor for evil? I may have that backwards. If they didnt cap/failsafe the energy, it would tear apart the world. If they dont keep MIB on the island, he will destroy the world. Kill everyone i guess.
  • What is Jacob's endgame? What happens if he's right? Finds his candidates who are not corruptable? Is this what the V equation is all about? MIB has found a loophole and the only way to contain him is by these 6 people? Will they kill MIB/his candidate or will Jacob really need to be replaced to ensure Mib/evil does not get uncorked?
  • MIB wants to leave - he's tired of the game. Does Jacob also want to leave?
  • Here's one - so why do we have "others?" Are they Richard's people to help find candidates/uncorruptables? What does that say about the others' character?
  • And how does MIB choose who he kills then?

ok thats enough. would just like to say for all the people who have hated my complaints, this episode made me happy :)

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