• WhoShotWaldo

    Notably, Hurley comments on Richard's similiar appearance in the past and present; though he has never met Richard prior to this. (And he clearly doesn't know who Richard is when he appears in the jungle). It could be a glaring continuity error, or we could assume:

    • Hurley picked up on Jack and Richard meeting in 1977, and assumed the latter time travelled.
    • Jack simply told Hurley off-screen as they walked through the jungle.
    • Kate, who had met Richard in 2004 before encountering him in 1977 during the events in which Ben was shot, referenced Richard's similiar appearance to the group in Dharmaville after she and Sawyer visited the Temple.
    • Miles, having met Richard in 1954, and seen him from a distance in 1974, told Hurley about him.
    • Juliet, ful…
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  • WhoShotWaldo

    Unless Jack met Sarah differently (and earlier) in the flash-sideaways timeline, I think Jack's wife is most likely somebody we have met before, given that her identity is hidden in the episode. It is possible Juliet and Jack's paths crossed in the flash-sideaways timeline at some point in their medical practice (or med school?) and got romantically involved, married, had David, etc. This would gell with what seems to be the nature of the alerations to the timeline, that there are clear differences to events even before the 815 flight.

    Given that she and Jack did not work out in the original timeline, their relationship similiarly did not work out in the flash-sideaways timeline. She is away on business related to her medical practice - per…

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  • WhoShotWaldo

    Hear me out. Could the parallel timeline glimpsed in the flashsideaways be instead a product of the continuing story in 2007? As in, the detonation of the Jughead didn't result in the parallel timeline (suggesting Juliet's "It worked." refers to something else), but something we instead have not seen in the 2007 on-Island time? Some ideas:

    1) Jack's red mark on his neck is a result of something done before the parallel timeline came into being.

    2) Darlton has pointed to New Otherton on the submerged island as a suggestion that Jughead's detonation in 1977 did not result in the island sinking.

    Where could this be leading? Perhaps anyone present on the island when the parallel timeline occured, or anyone who has ever been on the island,(includi…

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