• Where`s Cindy?
    Since season 6 ended with Juliet hitting the bomb with a rock. All we saw was a flash of white light like we have seen before. This may have been discussed before but do You think it is possible that Eloise Hawkings turned the wheel at the Orchid at that moment. She did look through Dan`s note book and could know the exact time of the incident. She might believe that it will save Dan. Plus, we still do not know how she got off the Island. Turning the wheel would put her off the Island. Remember, she is one of what Dan called a Variable. Any thoughts? Thanks, Where`s Cindy? Read more >
  • Where`s Cindy?

    Star Wars Connection

    January 20, 2010 by Where`s Cindy?
    Has anyone noticed the similarities between Ben Killing Jacob and Anakin Skywalker killing Mace Window. Both men are manipulated by a man they are led to believe in. Ia Ben turning to the Darker Side? Also, in the same episode Locke tells Richard they will have to deal with the rest of the crash survivors. That sounds like the Emperor telling Anakin to kill all the Jedi. I know this sounds far fetched but, the producers have always made it clear that they were big fans of Star Wars. What do You think? Read more >