• Wheelturning

    So, I've been rewatching Seasons 1 and 2 in order to A) Get my LOST fix between Season 6 episodes, and B) To look for interesting phenomena that might stand out in the light of this season's events.

    Last night I watched ?, the excellent S2 Eko-centric episode in which he and Locke journey to the Pearl, guided by both of their dreams. In the episode's flashback, Eko has to investigate the "miracle" of Charlotte Malkin's "resurrection" after she was presumed dead by drowning, only to wake up on the coroner's table.

    Of course, her father debunks the entire affair by saying she was in hypothermic shock, and that he would know because he is a fraud as a psychic. The Theory pages for Charlotte and Richard delve into this issue, as well as whether …

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