The "War" as stated by Wydmore is no doubt going to be the classic good vs evil. The dilemma is, who's who? I believe Ben is the bad guy, and Charles the good guy. When Loche stopped the island from moving he was visited by Jack's father. Jack's father is known to speak for Jacob, and told Loche that listening to Ben was basically a bad idea. Ben has always been hedonistic, but at the same time shown helpful and compassionate. This has been the big Lost distraction. I feel you will see Wydmore in a new light in upcoming episodes. THE WAR IS GOING TO BE FOUGHT IN THE FUTURE. That's right folks! I said it! The War will/has to be in the future, what we are watching now has been the events on the island from 2008 back. There will be a flash to the future, when this war takes place. Try to chew on this... when Ben meets Wydmore in his (Wydmore's) bedroom and states "you know I can't kill you". I feel that he can't kill him because they already met up in the future during the War. So that would mean Ben and Wydmore are viewing all the events that are happening as the past-kind of through a looking glass if you will. That's how come they have so much "insider" information. I also believe that one of Wydmore's motives to get back to the island is to transport himself back to his correct time frame (what ever year that is). We know you can leave the island for many "realtime" years and it be only a few day island time. So, why couldn't Ben or Wydmore leave the island for a few day island time and it be a couple years realtime? Just think of when Juliet and Sawyer were in 1974 and were going to take the sub off the island, and Sawyer said why would you want to go back to the mainland in 1974? Well, I believe that Wydmore is in the same predicament. I also feel that Ben (being the bad guy) screwed Wydmore out of returning to the island because of events that happen in the future. Now, I know some people are stuck in 1977, some in 2008 (Locke,Sun,Lapedis), but you know they will eventually all sync up in time and space. Maybe this will be in the "future" and Wydmore joins them so we can have the epic good vs evil thing.

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