I'm sure this has been talked about already, and I don't have much time but I just wanna throw this out there, get some thoughts.

We see Jacob accept the role as guardian to the island, but it seems he doesn't do things at all the way Mother would have wanted him to.

As shown in "Across the Sea" MiB was almost glad that his mothers people were there, he said it was a "means to an end" in trying to leave the island. Jacob, on the other hand, is weary of the people like Mother was.

it seems these roles drastically changed by whatever time the opening scene of "The incident" happened. We learned that Jacob had been BRINGING people to the island as opposed to keeping people away from it. With that, MiB seemed pissed that he was bringing more people to the island.

if he wants to leave so bad, why is MiB mad at Jacob for bringing people to the island? And on the flip side, why is Jacob, who was told by Mother to protect the island for as long as he can, bringing possible threats to the island? Looks as if Jacob accepted what he had to do, but it also looks like he is trying to prove Mother wrong. I hope we get a clear answer for this stuff haha. But, I'll like the last 3 1/2 hours for what they are, no matter what.

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