Hey, used to post here a lot but since The End, I haven't. I loved season 6 as it was happening, but like many others thought it was lacking.

I just wanted to say now that after watching it a few more times (mostly the on-island timeline, the sideways timeline still doesn't do it for me until about half way through the season). But beside the first half of the seasons flash-sideways, I sort of love Season 6.

Especially how our characters progressed through the series. These were their ultimate fates, who dies and who survived the great Island? Whose dark-sides emerged? Who's heroic moments did? It was just really cool and a lot of them were unexpected.

Seeing evil Locke vs. overly good Jack was great. The dynamic of Jacob vs. Man in Black as it is to Jack vs. John Locke is just, as Charlie would say, "poetry, brother."

I also enjoyed the parallels between Rousseau and Claire as far as their motherly problems and craziness go. The wrap up of things like "you need to raise him Claire, or you'll unleash an evil on the world" that was made early in the series was great. Literally, she didn't raise Aaron alone, she had help from Kate for 3 years, so she went absolutely mad and fell under the leadership of the Man in Black, the very evil that only Jack could stop as the Candidate.

I view the after-life flash side-ways as a sort of ultimate reward for the survivors. for playing their part in protecting the Island and the Light in their actual lives, they are allowed and given the chance to move on to their afterlives together (or stay if they so choose as Eloise and Ben wanted to). None of them had to "die alone" and I thought that was a great way to mirror the earlier seasons. For those who need a definite answer for what the Island or the Light was, I agree with the popular fan theory that the Light was time itself and the people of the Island had to protect it.

Despite that, I feel it isn't really important what the Island ultimately was. Just the fact that it IS important in this story is what I need. It's like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, I don't need to know what's inside but the way the characters react to it make it important to the viewer.

And I was of course a fan of the last scene between Jack and Christian. It was just so moving. I've said all I can on that scene before and it will always be one of my absolute favorite TV moments.

It was all so sci-fi-ish and good, I love that sort of stuff. With the battle lines between our characters being drawn throughout the series and the ultimate fates being shown, I can safely say I love Season 6 as much as I love the rest of the series. I just had to let that be known to anyone who still frequents these blogs. I wanted to know if anyone agrees that after a few re-watches, Season 6 is easier to love.

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