This post has been done before, I'm sure, but the blogs are kind of a drag lately so I figured why not revisit some of our favorite scenes?

I'm watching "Cabin Fever" right now, from Season 4, and realized one of my absolute favorite scenes in the history of LOST is the dream(?) sequence John Locke has when he has a conversation with Horace as he's about to build the cabin. It's a slightly eerie scene without really trying to be, added by the nosebleed Horace gets and the fact that the tree keeps re-appearing after being chopped down. It's a really great moment for the mythology of the John Locke character, in my opinion.

What are some of your favorite scenes? And let's try to dig deep for these, not the obvious ones like The Church Jack/Christian scene from the finale (though I loved it), Charlie's death (not the event itself but the beautiful way it played out), Desmond's phone call to Penny, etc etc. All those are also my favorites, but let's dig deeper and find some odd scenes that aren't brought up as much.

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