Cause I sure feel that way (don't worry, I didn't nor would I ever read a spoiler). I feel like with Locke accepting Jacks surgery in the FST, he will somehow be brought back to the OT.

There are two hints that I feel like may have to do with this.

  • In "Expose," Locke tells Paulo that "things don't stay buried very long on this Island" (or something like that), and as we all know HE is now buried on the Island.
  • In the "Last Supper" cast picture from before the season started, there is one where each member of the cast is staring at Locke, who is sitting in the center like Jesus. We all know the story of Jesus rising from the dead, so I feel like maaaybe Locke will too.

I dunno, just thoughts (and hopes). I'd love to see OG John Locke show up and kick some ass haha. Maybe with Ben reverting back to his old, evil self, our Locke will show up and try to get revenge on him for strangling him.

OHHH I'm so excited for the finale, even though I hope it wouldn't be the end. Oh well, I'll enjoy it no matter what happens.

happy viewing!

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