Predictions, Thoughts, and Theories…

Tonight’s episode is titled, “What Kate Does”, so naturally we are going to learn more about Kate in her sideflashes, as well as her fate on the Island. Now I want to point out a few things you may not have thought about.

So Juliet detonated a bomb and our Losties time traveled back to 2007. (We know this because, the Temple Others shot off a firework, which Richard and the Statue Friends were able to see.) But I am not convinced that Juliet split the timelines. Just because we are starting to see the sideflashes in Season 6 does not mean the bomb caused alternate timeline.

If we look back to the end of Season 4 you may recall Ben turned the wheel, was transported off the Island, and the temporal displacement began. From Jack’s point of view however, the Island was there one second, and the next a giant wave appeared where the Island was. Could this event be where the Island sunk? Just some food for thought.

Even in the alternate timeline we know for sure that everything happened as is on the Island up until the 1970s. We saw the Dharma Barracks as well as the Hydra Station Logo’d Shark.

One last thing to keep you thinking until tonight. As Juliet was dying you may have noticed she went in and out of consciousness. Is this because her mind was traveling between two realities? Is this how she knows, “It worked”? If her mind was wandering in the alternate timeline we should take a close look at the Season 2 episode parallel to tonight’s, “What Kate Did”. To refresh your memory, Sawyer is sick laying in the Hatch and Kate is looking after him. We saw flashbacks of Kate blowing up her father. Right at the start of the episode while Sawyer is fading in and out of conciousness he states, "Where is she? Where is she? I love her. I love her." And toward the end of the episode Sawyer asks Kate, “Why did you kill me?” Kate believed Sawyer was possessed by her father at the time, but could this be Sawyer’s mind wandering through realities and time? Will Kate kill Sawyer sometime before the end? Your guess is as good as mine. Anyways, enjoy the episode tonight!

Weaver55 19:02, February 9, 2010 (UTC)

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