Spring Break

Well it is Spring Break and as much as I love LOST I am on a complete mental break. So this weeks thoughts and ideas are not going to be as profound.

So this week’s episode is about some sort of reconnaissance. So Team Locke is going to get information about Team Jacob or vice versa. And as I predicted a few weeks ago, by following Season 1 this week’s episode is hopefully about Sawyer. Although I was incorrect about Sundown, this episode is Recon, as in RE-Con, as in Con Again, as in something is going to return to conning, as in they must have conned before to return to conning, as in Sawyer was a con man for a number of years and now he is going to have to con again, as in Recon.

Well seeing as I have gone from studying all day to pure relaxation I haven’t put much thought into LOST this week. Plus we just reached a point in the plot where something we have no control over is about to happen. So it’s basically time to sit and wait.


The time I have put in I have thought about how most of the characters have some form of parenting issues. And it is usually a problem with their father. But, have you ever realized how many children our characters have abandoned?

Walt: Well Walt is special but apparently not special enough to find out why. His father left him in New York with his grandmother. Locke told Walt his father was last seen on a ship right off the Island, which probably gives Walt false hope about Michael. Don’t be surprised to see Walt searching for his long lost dad sometime in the future.

Aaron: Poor baby Aaron. He just has to get raised by everyone, even though Claire was the only one who was supposed to raise him. Odd how that works isn’t it? Well he also lives with his grandmother, like Walt, because his mother is a freak on a distant Island, and his dad is a loser. He too could search out the Island for his mother in the future if they are not reunited by the end.

Ji-Yeon Well Ji-Yeon your life sucks too and it’s really not your fault. You think your father died in a plane crash. Yet how did Sun explain her pregnancy once she got off the Island. Isn’t it odd that she was only a few weeks pregnant instead of a few months? O well moving along, your mom left you with your grandma as well. *SHOCK* The part that sucks for you is your mom hopped on a plane that crashed…AGAIN! Shouldn’t the outside world know by now that The Oceanic 6 all crashed again! It’s very odd, their plane went missing again too. Although they did find the first one after a REALLY long time. Hmm must just be a coincidence.

Clementine Clementine is Sawyer’s daughter in case you have forgotten. He impregnated Cassidy and left her. Well Clementine you are better off then your counterparts, but not by too much. At least you get to live with your mother for the time being, even if your dad is not around. You probably won’t ever know he is on an Island in the middle of fricken nowhere, but if your mother tells you on her death bed you too may end up searching for your father in the future. Well it’s that or live with your grandmother.

Charlie Hume Well your father is destined to return to the Island. In fact, the “Island is not done with [him].” So you too are going to lose your father. You may lose your mother too seeing as she almost got shot. Good thing for you she didn’t though. Well your grandfather is on the Island so you won’t have to worry about living with him if your parents leave or die. I haven’t met your grandmother though so you might want to check into that and she if she is still alive. It might be Eloise Hawking but I seriously doubt that. O and your half-uncle is dead.

Emma and Zach Well you are ON the Island already, so that’s a plus! You are on Team Locke too, but I don’t actually know if that’s a good thing. Anyways the odds of you surviving to the end and being Others the rest of your lives seems pretty probable. I can’t image watching you two get shot, or Smoke Monster’d, or drowning. So naturally a few years down the road you will terrorize, Walt, Aaron, Ji-Yeon, Charlie Hume, Clementine, as well as some other folks.

You see there is plenty of potential for these kids. They could totally make LOST: The Next Generation spin-off (literally)! Well that’s it for my thoughts this week. As always enjoy Recon, because we only have a few episodes left!

Weaver55 19:47, March 16, 2010 (UTC)

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