Happily Ever After

Alright tonight’s episode is entitled Happily Ever After and I highly doubt that everyone is going to be happy after tonight’s episode ever. Well anyone on the Island at least, we might be though if it’s a great episode! Anyways here are some of my thoughts going into Happily Ever After. This week I actually have some fairly significant theories so enjoy!


Desmond, see you in another life brother? Yeah? Yeah! You are back! And you best explain where you’ve been very soon! And since you have at least at one time or another seen the future, switched the time your mind was in back and forth, and seen a memory you hadn’t experienced in the past, you better tell me whether you have any influence on that sideways timeline. You better, I’m telling you

The Bottle

So the Island is a cork; a cork that keeps the Smoke Monster contained. And apparently there is no way to build up enough pressure to pop that cork bottle. Well there’s only one other way out and the MIB has already shown us his plan…

My question is if the Island is the cork…than was is the bottle?

We know the sonar fence is a good method to keep the Smoke Monster contained. Widmore’s sub team even built a sonar fence around Hydra Island for this exact reason. And we know Widmore and MIB aren’t exactly two peas in a pod.

Widmore hired Zoe, the geophysicist, for a good reason. (What is Widmore’s obsession with scientists anyway?) Zoe did not just ask Jin about the map of electromagnetic pockets, but sailed in a submarine half-way cross the world, boated across the Island divide, shot a group of people with tranquilizers, snagged only Jin, boated back across the divide, put him in the psycho torture chamber Room 23, and then asked Jin where the pockets are. Widmore’s camp is very interested in electromagnetism.

So if the sonar fences are a good container on a small scale, what keep the Smoke Monster trapped on the Island? When the hatch blew at the end of Season 2 a purple light was given off over the entire Island; the electromagnetic energy was released. Is it too much of a stretch to believe that electromagnetic forces may have this ability to contain as well? Is it possible the container is made out of an essence none other than electromagnetism? And the release of this energy decreases the thickness of the bottle. When the Swan Station exploded, The Smoke Monster became closer to achieving his goal of leaving the Island. In order to keep the MIB contained, Widmore needs access to these points to amplify the electromagnetic forces containing the Smoke Monster.

So essentially if the pockets of energy can be destroyed MIB will not have to “pop the cork”. He just has to shatter the container.

“They’re Coming”

Who is coming? Well it’s fairly simple once you think about it. After Jacob said “they’re coming” only two groups of people arrived. One is Widmore and his sub team. Only days after Jacob’s death did they arrive on Hydra Island, I would speculate that Hurley and Jack helped to bring them there at the Lighthouse. But that’s not who Jacob told MIB was coming…

It’s obvious that the candidates are the ones Jacob summoned, the ones who are left at least. Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, and Jin traveled through time to the instant when Jacob died.. Yes, Kwon must refer to Jin in this case. Jacob may have kept them out of MIB’s reach by keeping them hidden in time, calling upon them to take his place only when necessary.

And in my opinion I believe MIB wants to take the Candidates away with him because once they leave there will be no one to take Jacob’s position and no on to stop MIB from whatever it is he wants to do. He will be free to roam the Earth as a lovely Smoke Monster and wreak havoc.

Peace Out!

Alright take it or leave it, that’s what I have been thinking. I hope I can come up with some good stuff next week as I just dumped two pretty good ones today. Anyways, as always enjoy tonight’s episode!

Weaver55 16:59, April 6, 2010 (UTC)

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