Ab Aeterno

And what makes you good enough to crew the Black Pearl?

Ilana, Libby, Matthew Abaddon; are they Jacob’s secret service, Island border patrol, and his personal assistants? Maybe.

We have known for some time now that Matthew Abaddon worked for Charles Widmore. We also know he “gets people where they needed to be”. He convinced Locke to take a Walkabout and ultimately end up on the Island. We also know he was in some way responsible for getting Faraday, Miles, Lapidus, and Charlotte to the Island. Now the only reason Abaddon may have got Faraday, Miles, Charlotte, and Locke to the Island may be due to the fact that Widmore met all of them in the 1950s. But he DID get them where they needed to be. And now that Widmore is on the Island, it brings up the question, Does Widmore support Team Jacob? My answer; yes.

Think about it this way. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Ilana’s group is not on good terms with Locke. And Widmore apparently is not on good terms with Locke either. So it would make sense that Team Widmore and Team Ilana combined would make up Team Anti-Locke, or…TEAM JACOB.

We know that Ilana works for Jacob. She knows a few of his secrets and is somewhat knowledgeable about the Island. She is also responsible for getting people where they needed to be. She captured Sayid and brought him on Ajira Flight 316 knowing it would crash on the Island and bring him with it. She not only forced Sayid as a proxy but took on a proxy role for herself as well. She helped get Sayid, Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sun, Ben, Frank, and herself “where they needed to be”. Matthew Abaddon and Ilana appear to have similar characteristics of getting packages to their correct destination.

Now onto the ever mysterious Libby. Is it possible she too worked for Jacob, and “brought” important individuals to the Island? Desmond and Hurley anyone? Maybe she was sent by Jacob to watch over Hurley at Santa Rosa. And maybe Jacob requested her to give Desmond to her boat, The Elizabeth, to bring him to the Island. Besides, the Island is not done with Desmond. By getting Desmond to the Island she ensured that Oceanic Flight 815 would crash. She truly brought about her own demise. This solution would explain why she has been such an ambiguous character all along. It wouldn’t have made much sense to find this type of information out way back in Season 2.

Lord of the Rings

One other thought; Ben is going to be evil in the end, just accept it. Have you ever read or seen Lord of the Rings? Gollum/Smeagol struggled with power throughout. He went back and forth from good and evil. Ultimately he choose Power in the end which ended up being a fatal decision. So obviously Ben is going to fall into the Island volcano.


And in case you were wondering “Ab Aeterno” the title of tonight’s episode is Latin for “From the Beginning of Time”. I hope you are excited because I sure am!

Weaver55 15:19, March 23, 2010 (UTC)

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