The Package

As we head into tonight’s episode entitled “The Package” we reach the halfway point of the final season! Although I highly doubt tonight’s episode is about someone’s footlong hotdog with LOST it could be just about anything.

Top Ten Things behind Widmore’s Submarine’s Locked Door.

#10: Eloise Hawking

Eloise Hawking and Caleb Nichol..I mean Charles Widmore don’t have a very good relationship. So maybe for some reason or another he kidnapped her, tied her up, and tossed her in the broom closet and then put a fancy lock on it.

#9: “A Weapon”

You sailed to the Island in a sub..for what reason to kill the Smoke Monster inside John Locke? (If you are riding on a sub, you are sailing correct?) I mean Widmore obviously knew the Smoke Monster was loose so he brought a nice new Sonar Fence. So if he plans to kill Locke it would make sense to bring a weapon capable of doing so. And if I had a weapon to kill a giant column of black smoke trapped in a body, I would definitely want to keep it safe from misuse. Weapon behind the door = plausible. Mythbusted!

#8: Hiro Nakamura

You would never have seen this coming…Hiro Nakamura on LOST. Yup that’s him in the closet. And now he’s coming out.. O gosh.. that came out wrong. O gosh.. “That’s what she said!” Sorry let me get back to LOST. Where was I…?

#7: “The Economist”

Maybe Charles Widmore brought the “Economist” along for the ride. Ben Linus obviously did not get along too well with him, so maybe Charles Widmore does. Or maybe Charles Widmore is the “Economist”? The world may never know!

#6: Food

This one would actually make sense. They store the food in the locked closet because they have to ration it. Do you really think they knew how long it would take to get to the Island? I doubt it. Seriously though, how long did it take them..? Charles Widmore notices Ajira 316 takes off with the Oceanic 6 and then thinks.. Hmm I should follow that plane. Like a week later ends up on the beach of Hyrda Island. That seems fairly convenient doesn’t it?

#5: A Charles Widmore clone

Charles Widmore is a gazillionaire. He probably knows lots of secret organizations and let’s pretend one of them has cloning technology. He could afford to purchase a clone. LOST should have taught you at least one lesson: Always have a back-up plan. And for Widmore that could mean, a back-up you. So why risk death when you could just clone yourself and make it do the dirty work for you. Then when your clone dies, well at least you have a back-up..The REAL you!

#4: Charlie Pace

Charlie is awesome! End of debate. I miss Charlie enough to make the prediction that he somehow survived the Looking Glass flooding, swam to the surface, made his way back to the Island, rested up, walked around, made it back to the real world and is now on Widmore’s sub. I wouldn’t bet on this prediction, but I would really love it if Charlie made if back.

#3: Jacob

Wouldn’t it be great to find out that Jacob wasn’t actually killed. He was really in the “Real World” all along and thumbed a ride back to the Island. Probably not too likely since Miles did “speak” with dead Jacob, but hey he has mystical abilities so you never know.

#2: Desmond

Ahh yes, Desmond; my dear friend Desmond. Where have you been all this time? Seriously where have you been!? Locked in daddy-in-law’s submarine’s cabinet? Possibly? Well the Island isn’t finished with you yet and we all know it! Hurley had to help someone find the Island is it you? His name was Wallace, we never met your parent’s Desmond…is biological father’s last name Wallace? You are Scottish correct? If you aren’t locked in that darn submarine then how the heck are you ever going to get back to where you once belonged? Get back!

#1: Nothing

Honestly this would be my favorite thing to be behind the door! Nothing! Psych! You guys totally fell for the idea that something important was behind this door! Remember “The Door Station”? Michael saw it in Season 2 and Sayid opened it and nothing was behind it but rock. Same idea here…Only better.

Well there you go! My thoughts going into The Package, all laid out nice and fancy like. As always, cherish tonight’s episode because there aren’t too many left!

Weaver55 16:27, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

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