The Last Recruit

All right so this is the last episode before the break, so you know this episode is going to end with us falling out of a hang glider and grabbing onto a cliff for dear life. If you have been reading my weekly posts you may remember I predicted the main character’s allegiances (fairly accurately, if I do say so myself) and I figured we better go over that one more time considering now that nearly everyone is together. Claims will be made, lines drawn and sides picked. So here goes nothing…

Locke – Well of course Locke is going to choose Team MiB but if I am going to go through all the main characters I thought I’d get this over with. “Here come the men in black!”

Jack – Jack is not going to stay at MiB headquarters. If Jack hasn’t got along with Locke yet, why start not, amiright? Besides Jack is looking more like the leading candidate anyways. What has Jack done since the whole atomic bomb situation? Smashed some mirrors and done nothing correct? Richard said it already, Jacob doesn’t tell anyone what to do and neither does Jack. Coincidence? No. Fate? Yes.

Kate - Well I do not feel like Kate is having a blast at Locke’s party so she may leave. I mean Claire is out to kill her and all, which really dampens the life of the party. If I were her I would probably get as far away from Claire as possible.

Sawyer – Well Sawyer is on no team. He’s going wherever he gets the best deal. Right now however that appears to be Team MiB if he doesn’t want to get killed.

Hurley – Well I went over this last time, but I will repeat it anyway. Hurley is on Team Jacob till the end. I mean he could convert to Team MiB but seriously do you think Jacob would stop nagging him? Ever?

Sayid – Well he’s basically MiB’s slave at this point. I don’t think he can change sides if he wanted to. Which he doesn’t, because MiB said so!

Claire – Well Claire has been claimed so unless you have a solution to fix that she’s stuck on Team MiB. Seriously thought if you have something to cure being claimed by a Smoke Monster, let me know so I can prevent that.

Jin – Well right now he’s at Team Jacob – Widmore Faction and I don’t think he wants to be there at all. However I doubt he has much choice in the matter.

Sun – “WAH WAH JIN “*Tear* Grow up! Why do you and Jin have to always be where the others not? A few days ago you were on Hydra Island and now guess where Jin is? Hydra Island. A few days ago Claire was near the beach camp. Guess where you were a day ago..? The beach camp. Loser Loser. Sun is going to float to any team as long as they say they will find Jin. LAME!

Frank – Well Frank you really are in a pickle. How would you have ever known that the Oceanic 6 were going to get on your plane, crash it, a Smoke Monster would take over a dead guy’s body, and you were going to enter the battlefield of a world-ending catastrophe? You could have looked at the manifest I suppose and then you wouldn’t be in this situation. But you didn’t. Well I can tell you aren’t particularly impressed by Team MiB argument so I am willing to guess you will stick with Team Jacob for now. I mean you could be a candidate. A candidate.

Richard – Well Richard is set on Team Jacob – Richard Faction. I’m not sure how they plan to destroy the plane, but I have an idea that Widmore might have something efficient enough to blow up the plane. O but that would also mean that they need to blow up the submarine. Couldn’t Smokey take the submarine too…? No? That’s not the plan, hmmm?

Miles – So currently you are on Team Jacob – Richard Faction but I have a feeling as soon as you find Widmore you are going to switch sides because you hate being an underdog. You care about yourself and you want to live. Well I hope things work out for you Miles.

Ben – Ben is also on Team Jacob – Richard Faction and is there to stay. You were so worried about who will have you but apparently everyone is hiring.

Desmond – Well after being pushed down a well by Locke, I am fairly certain they are not friends. I mean did you see the look on his face when he ran over Locke? Psycho! Although if he never gets out of that well, he most certainly will not even get to voice his opinion of where his allegiance lies. AKA: Desmond = dead at bottom of well. Also…why are the wells dry? What a worthless piece of junk.

Widmore – Well Widmore I really want to see you blast the Smoke Monster with a sonar fence gun. No joke wouldn’t that be awesome?

The Others – What happened to you losers? You were mysterious and creepy in Seasons 1-3. And now, well now you’re just a bunch of losers sitting on an Island doing NOTHING. Lame!

Alright well that’s it. I hope my thoughts aren’t getting progressively worse but as we get closer to the finale there’s less guessing and more facts. So it really is harder to predict good predictions. As always enjoy tonight’s episode! You are going to have to wait two weeks for the next one!

Weaver55 16:58, April 20, 2010 (UTC)

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