Dr. Linus

Introductions are in Order

Well tonight’s episode is titled Dr. Linus and although I was wrong about thinking Sundown is about Sun. This episode better be about Benjamin Linus, or I am not going to be a happy camper. In fact, I would be the opposite of a happy camper, I’d probably be the fat kid at camp, who can’t swim, can’t read, but loves ice cream and cake. When the foot fight breaks out I don’t throw anything. I’d just sit there and force food down my throat because I’m so depressed. Then I would grow up to be a male plus size hand model and be successful. This episode better be about Ben. Well since I was basically wrong about everything last week I am going to make some more practical predictions and some quick tallying.


Now that the Man in Black has raised nothing short of an army I feel it is time to start sorting out where peoples allegiances lie and the chances they will switch teams sometime soon. War is eminent!

Jack: For now Jack is going to be playing for Team Jacob. The events of lighthouse make it appear that Jack is an important part of Jacob’s strategy (whatever his strategy is) to win the war. Because Locke and Jack never tend to get along, I believe that Jack will stay on Jacob’s side to the end.

Kate: Well Kate, look what you’ve gotten yourself into now! You come back to the Island in search of a sweet Australian girl and instead you get transported through time to live in the 70’s, carry a dead kid into a dense forests, and help an attempt to blow up a Hydrogen bomb only to find out your Sweet Australian is a fricken psycho. And to boot although you narrowly missed being killed by the Smoke Monster you now HAVE to join his team because well he’s going to kill you otherwise. Smooth.

Sawyer: Sawyer is not in a good situation right now. The Man in Black basically knocked down his door and took him to a Cliffside where together they descended to a cavern which according to the Man in Black, has the Candidates names written all over the ceiling. Now I know Sawyer joined the Man in Black willing a few episodes back but where is Sawyer now? Is he still stuck down in that cave? He can’t climb back up, the ladder’s broke. Was there a secret way out or something? Well even if Sawyer is somehow not stuck in the cave, he is playing for Team Man in Black, but as a con man he may very well switch teams unexpectedly. That is if he isn’t being held captive somewhere.

Hurley: Hurley is Team Jacob from here on out. How can Hurley possibly convert? Jacob could just nag him to death and interrupt for the rest of what would be a short life for Hurley. So Hurley’s stuck as Jacob’s spokesperson.

Sayid: Sayid is a BA, there’s no getting around it. But now he’s basically evil so that’s not good. It seems that Sayid is now truly “infected” although it could get worse I suppose (Like my stupid ear infection). But unless someone discovers a cure for “infected” disease Sayid is going to be playing for Team Man in Black for the rest of the show.

Claire: Claire is crazy, am I right? She is obviously playing for Team Man in Black. She is in the same boat as Sayid in that she is screwed unless a cure for the “infected” is found. I am going out on a limb here but I believe they can be cured by if someone were to kill the Man in Black. This task seems unusually difficult because well he doesn’t bleed and he is a Smoke Monster.

Sun: Sun is on Team Jacob…for now. Why wouldn’t she play along in the survival game with two of the Island’s most knowledgeable people, Ben and Illana? It sure is convenient that they both somehow know the secret passageways around the Temple ehh? Anyways at some point Sun is going to jump ship, probably the minute she sees Jin runs to his arms and is shot by some nobody in the back. How’s that for a tragic story?

Jin: Jin is screwed. He is now captured by the Man in Black. Probably locked up somewhere on the Island. His ankle is shot, so even if he were to escape how could he run away? And he can’t even use his ninja-like abilities to fight anyone off. So he is forced to play for Man in Black until an opportunity to change teams comes up. I don’t think he wants to play for Man in Black however. He probably wants nothing to do with it. However he may be a Candidate and it appears the Man in Black is systematically capturing them all.

Miles: Poor Miles. He was sent to the Island on a freighter that was later blown up. He hears the dead. He traveled through time and watched as his father’s arm was cut off. And he never even got paid! As of now Miles is playing for Team Jacob however as we have seen in his past behavior, he is willing to change allegiances if they are to his benefit. Miles could be another easy convert for

Richard: Things just are not going Richard’s way anymore. To think a few days ago he was relaxing on the beach with his buddies building ships in bottles. Now he is trekking across the Island, dealing the issues of his dead boss, being dragged off into the jungle, and hung from a tree. Poor guy. He is going to be playing for Team Jacob until the end. It appears Richard is with Jacob for the long haul and from his reaction of meeting the Man in Black it doesn’t seem like he is going to be switching teams anytime soon.

Frank: Frank may be a Candidate. Who knows now that Jacob is dead? Frank is going to play for Team Jacob for a while. I think the notion that John Locke is dead, but walking around the Island unnerves Frank. Plus if Frank remains on Team Jacob he has the advantage of having the most knowledgeable about Island with him. This will be handy to avoid the entity in Locke’s body.

Illana: I don’t like Illana. Who does she think she is? Walking around the Island like she owns the place? Thinks she’s so smart because she knew Locke’s body was in the coffin? Jacob trusted her with a special mission…? Good for her. Sorry had to get that out. She is going to play for Team Jacob and she is not going to budge. If she is anything like her friends that came with her, she is willing to die for Jacbo’s cause. What is confusing however is that Bram, her buddy, picked up Miles in a van and told him to not go on Widmore’s cruiseliner. If Bram is working for Jacob as well, wouldn’t that imply that Widmore is on Team Man in Black? I don’t know but while we are on the subject, Widmore better make another appearance!

Ben: Ben you are tonight’s centric episode and you better clear some things up for me. Are you on Team Jacob or Team Man in Black. You are hanging with the Jacob crowd, but you did kill Jacob. So that would make you a Team Man in Black kinda guy…Unless you and Jacob planned it all out…and you have been faking your ignorance. Then you play for Team Jacob. Or maybe you really had no idea but you have some plan to kill both of them and become the ruler of the Island. I get the feeling that you are going to get what you want and die shortly after. Maybe you will fall into the volcano on the Island?

Desmond: If you are credited as a main character, why have you only showed up for less than four minutes this season? You better get back to the Island soon else! Who does he play for? I couldn’t tell you but if I were to flip a coin, it would land on Team Jacob.


Now that I got a short explanation for each let me make it clear, where each character stands going into tonight’s episode.

Team Jacob: Jack, Hurley, Sun, Richard, Frank, and Ilana

Team Man in Black” Sayid, Claire, Sawyer, and Jin. O wait! There’s about 30-40 Others at your disposal. One more thing! You can become a beastly Smoke Monster, that’s always convenient!

Undecided: Ben and Desmond


Well there are some of my thoughts going into this episode. We are now over a quarter of the way into the final season and I believe we are going to be seeing characters changing allegiances left and right. Obviously things are going to change, or why would we watch.

One more thing to note…There are just enough episodes left to give each character one and only one centric episode.

As always enjoy the episode and appreciate every minute!

Weaver55 16:27, March 9, 2010 (UTC)

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