• Weaver55

    The Last Recruit

    All right so this is the last episode before the break, so you know this episode is going to end with us falling out of a hang glider and grabbing onto a cliff for dear life. If you have been reading my weekly posts you may remember I predicted the main character’s allegiances (fairly accurately, if I do say so myself) and I figured we better go over that one more time considering now that nearly everyone is together. Claims will be made, lines drawn and sides picked. So here goes nothing…

    Locke – Well of course Locke is going to choose Team MiB but if I am going to go through all the main characters I thought I’d get this over with. “Here come the men in black!”

    Jack – Jack is not going to stay at MiB headquarters. If Ja…

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  • Weaver55

    Everybody Loves Hugo

    Well now we have some idea how the two timelines are connected thanks to Desmond. We also know that when you are near death you see visions of your true love in the original timeline. So with that in mind all Jate, Skate, Jacket, and Suliet fans should be fairly pleased! There is still hope! So let’s take a moment to think about who is going to see who near death… Before I begin however you should know I am slightly biased towards the Kuliet option…

    So we know…

    Charlie saw a vision of a blond woman when he was choking on Oceanic Fight 815. Presumably this was Claire from the original timeline. This leads Charlie to believe Claire is his “one true love”.

    Daniel described seeing a woman with red hair and blue eyes. Of …

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  • Weaver55

    Happily Ever After

    Alright tonight’s episode is entitled Happily Ever After and I highly doubt that everyone is going to be happy after tonight’s episode ever. Well anyone on the Island at least, we might be though if it’s a great episode! Anyways here are some of my thoughts going into Happily Ever After. This week I actually have some fairly significant theories so enjoy!


    Desmond, see you in another life brother? Yeah? Yeah! You are back! And you best explain where you’ve been very soon! And since you have at least at one time or another seen the future, switched the time your mind was in back and forth, and seen a memory you hadn’t experienced in the past, you better tell me whether you have any influence on that sideways ti…

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    The Package

    As we head into tonight’s episode entitled “The Package” we reach the halfway point of the final season! Although I highly doubt tonight’s episode is about someone’s footlong hotdog with LOST it could be just about anything.

    Top Ten Things behind Widmore’s Submarine’s Locked Door.

    #10: Eloise Hawking

    Eloise Hawking and Caleb Nichol..I mean Charles Widmore don’t have a very good relationship. So maybe for some reason or another he kidnapped her, tied her up, and tossed her in the broom closet and then put a fancy lock on it.

    #9: “A Weapon”

    You sailed to the Island in a sub..for what reason to kill the Smoke Monster inside John Locke? (If you are riding on a sub, you are sailing correct?) I mean Widmore obviously knew the Smoke Mon…

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  • Weaver55

    Ab Aeterno

    And what makes you good enough to crew the Black Pearl?

    Ilana, Libby, Matthew Abaddon; are they Jacob’s secret service, Island border patrol, and his personal assistants? Maybe.

    We have known for some time now that Matthew Abaddon worked for Charles Widmore. We also know he “gets people where they needed to be”. He convinced Locke to take a Walkabout and ultimately end up on the Island. We also know he was in some way responsible for getting Faraday, Miles, Lapidus, and Charlotte to the Island. Now the only reason Abaddon may have got Faraday, Miles, Charlotte, and Locke to the Island may be due to the fact that Widmore met all of them in the 1950s. But he DID get them where they needed to be. And now that Widmore is on the…

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