I fear at this point the story that will require another season to 'explain' and tie up loose ends. Perhaps the finale will include a bad video of Pierre Chang 'explaining' what happened with some vague scientific detail. It would need to be a really long video.

Or, for those who think Lost is actually a game being played, perhaps everyone dies in the last 15 minutes, no one is left to play the game. Long boats come cruising up to the beach with large gangs of men wearing hazmat suits. They begin spraying stuff from pressurized canisters while another boat full of men begin unloading supplies and radio equipment. Talk is heard over the radios: "We're gonna need several hundred feet of lumber to fix this mess at the Barracks. Where did the bodies end up? Let's move their cemetery so the next bunch doesn't see it... " Frank steps into camera range and abruptly turns toward some workers and shouts something about the runway as he runs toward them and out of the camera's range.

Several men approach the dock from the woods. They are carrying stretchers with the bodies of the previous game players, Jacob and his brother.

Then, we see a sail boat approaching the Island, it docks amid a circus of construction workers repairing everything in site. A dark haired man steps off the boat, turns his head in the general direction of the camera and we see his face. It's Desmond. He is joined by Richard Alpert. He reminds Desmond to be careful when he makes rules for his game, give them plenty of thought first. From the jungle, Hurley appears and declares "Dude, The Force is on my side and I will prevail!" Desmond and Hurley are both still dirty and beaten looking from their participation in the previous game and declare they are going to the barracks to get washed up. As they walk toward the barracks, Desmond asks Hurley, "By the way, friend, who won the last game?" Hurley's eyes get big and he swallows hard... Screen transitions to black. --Wanda 20:56, May 21, 2010 (UTC)

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