Joshua Tree National Park - Picture in Swan Station

While looking over some articles on Lostpedia, I found the image of 'The Old Woman', a rock formation located in Joshua Tree National Park. Supposedly that picture, hanging on a wall of the Swan Station, contained a clue to the overall mystery of Lost. I looked up the park and got some information on other rock formations in the area. After reading a short way down the list of Rock Names, I encountered a name that sounded familiar, then another, and another. Check this out! It's a list of familiar sounding names taken straight from the rock formations and climbing routes in the park.

  • Black Rock Campground- once again, the Black Rock ship name may have come from here.
  • Geronimo- Musician Geronimo Jackson
  • Double Cross - everyone seems to be on one end or the other of a double cross
  • Orphan- John Locke
  • The Whispering Wall- maybe the idea for the whispers came from this name
  • Timeless Void Clump- where the Losties actually are
  • Nuclear Reactor Rock - perhaps the idea for the reactor in the Swan
  • Lost Corridor - heading used to leave or return to the Island
  • Lost Horse Wall - Kate's horse
  • Lloyd's Rock- here he is, Walt
  • Lost in Wonderland Slab
  • Lost Rock - the whole island
  • Echo Rock- Mr. Ekko, again
  • Hidden Wall - There are several places that could fit this
  • Echo Cove - Mr. Ekko and the cove where the sailboat was kept
  • Diamond Clump - Nikki and Paulo's diamonds
  • The Foot - oh, yes, the four toed statue
  • The Fortress Area - perhaps the ruins near the beach
  • Cereal Rock - one Dharma packaged food we are shown
  • Spy Tower- the Light House
  • Supercollider Rock - a little scientific research
  • Tom Sawyer's Island - maybe the notion for Sawyer's nickname came from this formation
  • Upper Walt's Rock- here's Walt Lloyd again
  • The Shark Fin- the Dharma sharks with logos stamped or tattooed on their bodies
  • The Sanctuary - probably the Temple
  • The Pearls - One of the Dharma Stations
  • The Hidden Cliff- here's the cliff-side cave the MIB uses to write names on the walls
  • Hit Man Rock - Sounds like Sayid and Sawyer's occupations
  • Imaginary Voyage Formation - I don't think this this needs explanation
  • Lower Walt's Rock - Walt Lloyd shows up in the oddest places
  • Kate's Crag - symbolic of the emptiness of Kate's life as a fugitive
  • End Loop Area - perhaps this suggests a 'time loop'?
  • Island in the Stream - island in a 'time stream'
  • Isle's Corridor - the heading used to leave and return to the island
  • Desert Island - well, it's not really 'desert' but it was deserted by Dharma
  • Dreamscape Dome - Locke has interesting dreams, and they find a geodesic dome at the Swan
  • The Black Rocks- the ship Black Rock
  • Bear Island- the Polar Bears stranded on the island
  • Apparition Rock - there have been plenty of apparitions in the show
  • Ancient Kingdom - connection with Temple, glyphs, and other ruins on island
  • Alice in Wonderland Area - among several references to Alice in Wonderland
  • Chicken Boulder - connection to Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack
  • Aussie Snake Foods - a connection to Austrailia

I suspect some of the names from this park were used in the story, or used as ideas in the story. Is this co-incidence? Maybe if two or three names were the same or similar, but not this many. --Wanda 20:05, April 30, 2010 (UTC)

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