I suspect the Dharma Initiative was a device used to bring potential candidates to the Island. Some of the people were simply workers, there to do the chores for Dharma and possibly some chores for the ‘Others’. These workers were never meant to know about or see the Temple or the people who live there. Most of the members of DI would fit in this group. Just a few would become ‘Others’.

Dharma provided a cover for the activity on the Island. The food, people, equipment, etc., were there for research purposes. They provided funds for supplies. Maybe some of the research paid for itself. It would make a good excuse for strange events happening around the Island. An organization with research stations located on remote islands has a good excuse to keep a few submarines, ships, communications equipment, medicines, and many types of technical specialists. Dharma also brought new ‘Others’ who weren’t candidates, they just decided to stay, Island became home. I am trying to understand why the Others seem so callous about killing people.

Dharma provided food, clothing, medicine, equipment, communication with outside world, etc. With so many people on the island it would be necessary to bring in food from the outside or grow fairly large crops. There are also cattle on the Island and they can eat a place bare in a few days if they don’t have grain.

Dharma is just an extension of the others and most of the hostilities are for show. The Initiative is studying many scientific disciplines, some silly, some wise.

Alvar Hanso thought he controlled the Hanso Group and the resources available to the DI but another member of his organization (Thomas Mittlewerk) began to use the people on the Island to study the effects of toxic gases, genetic manipulation, infections / viruses, temporal displacement, vaccines, and some very nasty psychological experiments. Some of his experiments caused pregnant women on the Island to become sick and die. The benevolent Dharma Initiative gradually, and unwittingly, became an instrument of evil. By the time the change was obvious, Mittlewerk has Hanso sequestered somewhere to prevent him from taking back control. When Hanso is finally able to escape, the DI has been all but destroyed on the Island. I think Mittlewerk was under the influence of ‘Smokey’.--Wanda 07:09, February 25, 2010 (UTC)

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