I believe Alvar Hanso has deeper ties with the Island that have not been explored. This is my story / theory of Alvar Hanso: I think he used to live on the Island. He may, in fact, be Magnus Hanso who was on the Black Rock when it was stranded. The Blast Door Map showed a spot near the Black Rock that marks ‘Magnus Hanso final resting place’ or something similar. Perhaps this is where ‘Magnus’ ended and ‘Alvar’ began.

Since I saw the episode with Nikki and Paulo and they hid a sack of diamonds, I’ve wondered if the Island has a diamond mine on it and those diamonds actually came from Lost Island’s Mine. This would explain the seemingly endless supply of money Alvar Hanso spends. It would further explain where the Widmore family started their fortunes. Later on, in Ben’s closet we see a couple of stacks of cash in different currencies. Were diamonds financing the whole situation? The Black Rock was a mining ship, hauling equipment for that purpose. Maybe that is why the Black Rock came to the Island.

Nothing so far has been clear about Alvar’s history. He turns up in the 1930’s or 1940’s as an arms dealer who supplied weapons to the Allied Forces (?) during WWII. He made a fortune in this capacity.

I suspect he built several of the older modern buildings on the Island: The farm-house the Flame Station was located in, the Arrow, the light manufacturing facility indicated on the Blast Door Map, the Looking Glass Station, The green house above the Orchid Station, and the lab where Goodwin worked with toxic gases. There may be some more buildings, houses and such, that we haven’t been shown, as well as the Power Plant used for the entire Island. He was trying to arrange his most important buildings in the shape of a bagua, like the Dharma Logo.

So, he builds his labs and testing facilities on the Island, using these structures to build weapons. Jughead might have been constructed on the Island. Recall how old the bomb looks in 1954? Daniel hadn’t expected it to be leaky or have cracked seals. Perhaps the bomb went on a little ride through time and back. Daniel was supposed to disarm the weapon but instead he just tells the Others to bury it.

On October 28th, 1943, folklore claims the US Navy carried out an experiment in cloaking technology, trying to make a large ship disappear by bending light around it. Of course there is disagreement whether this really happened. It was known as the Philadelphia Experiment. 1 member of the crew was missing all together following the experiment. He was never found. Suppose that crew member was Alvar Hanso and his experience on that ship is the cause for his change of heart regarding weapons dealing?

Prior to the first ‘flash of white’, when the Swan imploded, the Island was hidden somehow from satellites, radar, and planes. Perhaps the cloaking technology was put to work to hide the Island from passersby, using the Island’s own magnetic field. This technology would protect the Island from curiosity seekers as it protected the seekers from the Island.

In the 1960’s, Alvar goes to college in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He lives with the DeGroot Family for a while, getting to know Gerald DeGroot as he grows up. In 1967, the UN commission proposes research to find a way to change the Valenzetti Equation. Three years later, Alvar provides the means for Gerald DeGroot to begin the Dharma Initiative.

During the 1970’s the Dharma Initiative constructed underground labs, explored parts of the Island – some they shouldn’t have, and conducted their research. Widmore was on the Island at this time, as a leader of the Others. Although Jacob wants all these strangers on the Island, the Others / Temple dwellers are not happy about it. I think this is where Dharma begins to use the Initiative as a recruiting tool for Jacob. Only a certain few in DI knew about the Temple. Chang probably knew about it. He may have been related to some of the Temple dwellers. Alvar, the DeGroots, one or more of the Goodspeeds, etc. these people acted like liaisons between the two groups. A few members of the Others interacted with them, usually just Richard. This helped keep the Temple a secret and the interactions between the groups to a minimum.

Sometime in the early 1980’s an unknown incident prompts the Hanso Foundation to stop their financial backing of the Dharma Initiative (at least officially, it seems). Perhaps this is where Thomas Mittlewerk gradually takes over, begins conducting his own experiments as he slowly scales back Dharma’s funding and work. By the early 1990’s, the fragments of DI that remain on the Island have done something unforgivable that prompts the Others to kill all the members of the Dharma Initiative. They miss the Swan because it was built in a place they weren’t supposed to build, and most of it was hidden underground.

I believe Alvar Hanso will make an appearance on the Island, now that he's supposed to be cleaning up Mittlewerk's mess. --Wanda 07:54, February 27, 2010 (UTC)

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