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    If some of the bloggers around here are hungry for a good fantasy story about redemption, love, addictions, anger, control, relationships, etc... this is an excellent example of a character driven, spiritual story. The name of the movie is 'Ink', it's a low budget indie movie that has some simple but strange visual effects, a thought provoking concept and a satisfying ending. Check it out on Hulu sometime when you are missing Lost.


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    Reading over the articles, the fallout since the Finale, I'm seeing a strange, disturbing trend. Let me start out by saying I wasn't impressed with the finale or season 6 as a whole. Someone on the writing staff was staying up all night to watch Touched by an Angel. What started out as a sci-fi fantasy story morphed into a strange, cultish religious story. I'm a firm believer that creative types should stick with what they know or what they are good at. Lindeloff and Cuse were good at writing back-story, creating a mythology. There were many good ideas but it seemed like they would start 4 other topics before resolving the first half dozen. I think this is where the loose ends began to accumulate. Instead of following through with an idea …

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    Time Lost

    May 24, 2010 by WanderingWanda

    I found this poem today, among my computer files. I wrote it when I was in my teens. Thought it was fitting after the finale.

    Time Lost

    Destiny will not repay the cost

    Of hours spent, forever lost

    Drifting in an endless realm

    A nightmare world in which we delve

    In quest of answers that convey

    Something more than shades of gray

    Upon the tide, they washed away

    The broader shores of bygone days

    Held therein that tides great hand

    A precious, single grain of sand

    Fallen from times' glad glass of hours

    Lost in flight its' timeless powers

    Lit on shore, it silent lay

    An unfound piece of other days

    Wiser now, we’ve come to see

    Many things aren’t what they seem.

    --Wanda 05:42, May 24, 2010 (UTC)

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    I fear at this point the story that will require another season to 'explain' and tie up loose ends. Perhaps the finale will include a bad video of Pierre Chang 'explaining' what happened with some vague scientific detail. It would need to be a really long video.

    Or, for those who think Lost is actually a game being played, perhaps everyone dies in the last 15 minutes, no one is left to play the game. Long boats come cruising up to the beach with large gangs of men wearing hazmat suits. They begin spraying stuff from pressurized canisters while another boat full of men begin unloading supplies and radio equipment. Talk is heard over the radios: "We're gonna need several hundred feet of lumber to fix this mess at the Barracks. Where did the b…

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    While looking over some articles on Lostpedia, I found the image of 'The Old Woman', a rock formation located in Joshua Tree National Park. Supposedly that picture, hanging on a wall of the Swan Station, contained a clue to the overall mystery of Lost. I looked up the park and got some information on other rock formations in the area. After reading a short way down the list of Rock Names, I encountered a name that sounded familiar, then another, and another. Check this out! It's a list of familiar sounding names taken straight from the rock formations and climbing routes in the park.

    • Black Rock Campground- once again, the Black Rock ship name may have come from here.
    • Geronimo- Musician Geronimo Jackson
    • Double Cross - everyone seems to be on o…
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