In ACROSS THE SEA we saw that MIB was thrown into the light by Jacob and then we witnessed the smoke monster emerge. Alot of people seem to think that MIB turned into the smoke monster but I didn't think that was exactly the case. The way I see it was that MIB was pushed into the light and then his soul was snatched from his body by the already existant smoke monster, who then chucked the empty, lifeless body of MIB into a tree.

In my opinion MIB is not the smoke monster. The smoke monster merely used the likeness of MIB in AB AETERNO and THE INCIDENT. The same way he used the likeness of other characters like Christian Shephard or Bens mother, etc. I mean, MIB in life didn't really seem all that bad. Not bad enough to be such a bad-cat like the smoke monster anyway.

Since I'm sure others disagree with me, I figured I'd toss this out for discussion. Did MIB become the evil entitity himself, or did the smoke monster take over his likeness ala John Locke?

One more point here, it seems that although John Locke obviously wasn't the smoke/MIB until the end of season five; I feel that everything about John Lockes destiny or purpose throughout the show led him to become smokey. Like he was led by a trap. I think this is the similar case with MIB. MIB was led to find the other people on the island, so that together they could create the frozen wheel. Seems like this in itself was just another smoke monster trap. Any thoughts?

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