Does Desmond hold sway in the afterlife?

Wallyp August 13, 2012 User blog:Wallyp

Desmond is the "Fail Safe" whatever that means. He is also 'special' Desmond revisits events in his past, not to change them, but to 'fix' them when they are changed by another 'outside force'...

Then Desmond is the first to 'see' the afterlife and report back to 'reality' in a similar, but not necessarilly same, way as when he flashed in time...

In the original examples we see that Desmonds cross relations with time allow him to hold a greater sway based on outside knowledge of the situation, but in the sideways example it is reversed...

It has been said that Desmonds flash with the afterlife came to him with no effect to the afterlife, but I don't know if I agree entirely. Desmond conciously attacks John Locke in the sideways with direct intent, that intent leads John Locke to Jack, to die. Does this mean that Desmond is also the 'Fail Safe' in the sideways?

More importantly, why is it important to Widmore to send Desmond into the flash sideways? Is it perhaps that Widmore wasn't talking about him being the fail safe on the island, but rather, he being the fail safe to the afterlife?

What would the difference had been if Desmond didn't flash into sideways? I will not accept "the writers didn't know what they were doing" as an answer...

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