Has anyone ever wondered about whether or not there is a specific ratio of flashes to the time on the island? Eloise told us about pockets of energy that exist around the globe, perhaps *flashes* are similar to energy pockets only pockets in time, rather then being layed out spatially.

I thought of this while watching The Little Prince. When the time travelling crew first get into the Outrigger and they find the Ajira water bottle, this is a clue that the time is roughly 2007 (i.e. The Future)--- yet we have no exact bearing on what time it is. I was thinking of the flash that sends the crew in the outrigger into another time...

My thought is this; do the flashes happen completely at random whenever the island feels like shooting one out, or is it on it's own flash cycle? For instance... the same flash that brings the crew to 2007 in the little Prince, could that be the same flash that brings the crew back to 2007 in LAX?

Consider the flash way back when Desmond turned the fail safe. Maybe that flash is permanently burned into a flash cycle. In This Place IS Death we have 3/4 dozen flashes, and most of them are undetermined. Figure since a flash was put into the sky when Desmond turned the key, then that point in time is now a new entry point into time along the cycle... another coordinate on the spatial globe of time, if you will.

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