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  • Wallyp

    Desmond is the "Fail Safe" whatever that means. He is also 'special' Desmond revisits events in his past, not to change them, but to 'fix' them when they are changed by another 'outside force'...

    Then Desmond is the first to 'see' the afterlife and report back to 'reality' in a similar, but not necessarilly same, way as when he flashed in time...

    In the original examples we see that Desmonds cross relations with time allow him to hold a greater sway based on outside knowledge of the situation, but in the sideways example it is reversed...

    It has been said that Desmonds flash with the afterlife came to him with no effect to the afterlife, but I don't know if I agree entirely. Desmond conciously attacks John Locke in the sideways with direct i…

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  • Wallyp

    I wonder if there are a specific number of flashes in the islands time line. Eloise talks about there being pockets of energy all over the globe, suppose the flashes are similar in the sense that they are connected as the pockets are connected over the globe, only over time.

    I thought of this while recently watching The Little Prince. The part where the crew finds the Outrigger boats and see that there is an Ajira water bottle in one. This clearly means that the gang has flashed to 2007, yet we don't know specifically where they are in 2007. It has to be after 316 landed, but is it before or after the 'incident' gang flashed back?

    From what we gather, we can assume that the series of flashes happens in a predestined way, not just whenever th…

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  • Wallyp

    Has anyone ever wondered about whether or not there is a specific ratio of flashes to the time on the island? Eloise told us about pockets of energy that exist around the globe, perhaps *flashes* are similar to energy pockets only pockets in time, rather then being layed out spatially.

    I thought of this while watching The Little Prince. When the time travelling crew first get into the Outrigger and they find the Ajira water bottle, this is a clue that the time is roughly 2007 (i.e. The Future)--- yet we have no exact bearing on what time it is. I was thinking of the flash that sends the crew in the outrigger into another time...

    My thought is this; do the flashes happen completely at random whenever the island feels like shooting one out, or…

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  • Wallyp

    Now I know that it's popular around these parts to say that the flash-sideways is the afterlife. I've read all the details and I can see how it's pretty profound and adequate on certain levels; but it still doesn't work for me because I do not like the idea that the "end game" comes down to their imaginations.

    Lets take the Dogen, he was promised that if he helped Jacob he would be reunited with his son. In the flash sideways he is reunited with his son, and so the promise was granted. If Dogen was merely imagining his son then the promise wasn't really granted then was it?

    I have to say that the flash sideways may have some supernatural effects for the people of the island, but none of them is a walking afterlife. Perhaps you should re-exam…

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  • Wallyp

    MIB and SMOKEY

    January 11, 2011 by Wallyp

    In ACROSS THE SEA we saw that MIB was thrown into the light by Jacob and then we witnessed the smoke monster emerge. Alot of people seem to think that MIB turned into the smoke monster but I didn't think that was exactly the case. The way I see it was that MIB was pushed into the light and then his soul was snatched from his body by the already existant smoke monster, who then chucked the empty, lifeless body of MIB into a tree.

    In my opinion MIB is not the smoke monster. The smoke monster merely used the likeness of MIB in AB AETERNO and THE INCIDENT. The same way he used the likeness of other characters like Christian Shephard or Bens mother, etc. I mean, MIB in life didn't really seem all that bad. Not bad enough to be such a bad-cat lik…

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