Adam and Eve

Vtrezil09 February 12, 2010 User blog:Vtrezil09

From the beginning of what we should know, we find ourselves in a mystery that we know have to the deepest finds. the intelligent seen to calculate the time by which we discovery when lock knew he was special. The moment where he gazed and wonder he shall find the light. the closes view to what he believe led to complete darkness, where he had to control; to grasped his surrounding. Lock was always their guidance. he seemed lost, yet when he found happiness his closes find was near. Adam and eve. If you could remember from time, a collision of science and SciFi belief always collided, where we try connect our understanding what we describe as our surrounding. And adam and eve seem to conflict with what we know so far. that where the Black and White Color Rocks comes in, to represent the our tree of life. and that's where these two characters come in to play. the importance is leading to what we can and will know, but the theory is still in pre-mature stage. The real flashes has yet to come. I hope you guys see it too.

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