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February 9, 2010
  • Vesh

    Season One feel.

    May 15, 2010 by Vesh

    One of the things i remember most about being so intrigued by Lost in the beginning was the first Season and how different, sharp more crisp the camera work was especially in the jungle and with characters.

    Does anyone know why and if they used a different lens or camera?? I have heard this before but would like it verified if anyone knows? Taa =]

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  • Vesh

    So it is stated that Episode 15 of this season will be, as said "the penultimate" episode of Lost with that said Episode 16 is considered "Part One" of the finale.

    Yet on the 23rd of May being the finale it states it will be the 17/18th episodes of Lost for this season.

    My question is are they planning on showing the first part on the 11th and then a week and a half later the second part..? Or is it going to be a two hour finale on the 23rd aswell?

    So is the Finale three parts, like Exodus was??

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  • Vesh

    Whilst i usually hate reading people's post about lame movies or shows that remind them of Lost in some way, shape or form i could not get my head around after just watching Shutter Island now of how much can be related to our show Lost at present..

    Did anyone else get this idea when there was discussion about what a hydrogen bomb does and people relaying messages through a deceased person, the lighthouse, the secret cave on the side of the cliff, memory loss and creating another trait, no sense of time from the mainland etc These were all throughout the moviejust at the top of my head without giving it away

    The ending to it kind of gave me some new theories but i don't know if i am being to far fetched.. Thoughts please??? =/

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  • Vesh

    Ethan and a question

    February 12, 2010 by Vesh

    When Ben sent Goodwin on his Journey to the tailies we found out in "The Other Woman" that it was basically because he knew he would put him in a position leaving him open to die as he does, why however does he assign Ethan on the mission to our Losties other then the fact that he was the docter also knowing he is leaving him open to be killed as he is by Charlie..?

    Ethan being Horace's son, Ben's relationship with Horace and after just watching "Dead Is Dead" and seeing the flashback with Ben and young Ethan out snatching Alex from Danielle (it appears as if Ben is looking after young Ethan maybe just me) i can't get my head around why Ben would put Ethan's life in any harm like he does by sending both him and Goodwin. Thoughts???

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  • Vesh

    Was it an easter egg?

    February 10, 2010 by Vesh

    Anyone else notice the pilot Seth Norris dressed as an other with a moustache. He was one of the guys that carried Sayid away after being tortured..?

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