1) "I won't eat that fish, it's against the Rules!"
I've read a lot of your theories about Jacob, but there's something I hate about them- most of you, people, assume, that Jacob CAN'T control his "touching" powers. So:
-why Richard is ageless, but he isn't a candidate?
-why Sawyer is a candidate, but he isn't ageless?
-how does Jacob pee without making little Jackie a candidate?
Interestingly, Jacob touches his breakfast fish in 1867, so maybe the fish is candidate too and that's why MiB didn't want to eat it. Okay, now more seriously- Jacob CAN control his powers. While in Russia, he didn't wear gloves to protect Ilana from magic touch. Also, in Ab Aeterno he kicked Ricardo's ass with his bare fists, without making him immortal. So, people, be more reasonable.
2) Disinformation killed Dogen
In the Lighthouse (the episode), we've seen, that Dogen was unaware about Hurley's candidacy. So, it's very likely he didn't know about Sayid being a candidate as well. So, Jarrah couldn't kill himself, and couldn't be killed by MiB (but later about that)- so Dogen turned out to be very unlucky person. The only real occasion to kill Sayid was during their brawl in Sundown.
3) There were no candidates before 1867.
In The Substitute, mysterious boy said to MiB "you can't kill him"- and I don't really think he was talking about Jacob (Jacob's dead, baby, Jacob's dead...). He meant James. MiB can't kill Sawyer, therefore he can't kill any of the candidates. Say, why Flocke would care about gathering Losties, why won't he just turn into Smoke Thing and kill them? Because he can't... although there's always loophole (make someone else do your dirty job). But, if MiB orders his Temple Others to pop Sawyer and Jin, he'll lose trust among them (remember- MiB claims, that The Smoke Monster massacred Temple folks, not he himself, who is one with Smokey).
So, there were no candidates on Black Rock- MiB easily killed them all. The very idea of the next protector of The Island was established during Jacob's second conversation with MiB, after first, almost succesful, attempt to kill Jacob.

(sorry for any errors, English isn't my native language ;) )--Verdath 12:31, April 2, 2010 (UTC)

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