There is one thing I cannot understand. We've already seen, that the Man in Black isn't ordinary man at all- and I'm not talking about his insane abilities and uber skills, but about fact, that he isn't human even while he impersonates one... let's see, when Sayid attacked Flocke in Sundown with The Very Special Monsterkilling Dagger, our favourite bald guy didn't even bleed. Okay, but what's the point? Well... my question is: can MiB eat and drink?
1) The Incident, part 1- MiB refuses Jacob's fish and claims, that he had just ate. When I first heard this, it seemed strange to me.
2) Ab Aeterno- MiB destroys Jacob's gift, spilling some fine wine around. At this point, I was convinced, that Flocke cannot eat and drink and that the present was Jacob's cruel joke as well as fish proposal in The Incident.
3) The Substitute- this time Flocke tastes whiskey, but reacts oddly.
4) The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham- Fake Locke eats mango and comments, that "it's the best mango I've ever had". Maybe his first after centuries on the Island.
5) The Package- upon returning to his camp, MiB drinks some water (yay! they finally revealed what's in MiB rucksack... I thought, that he was carrying some ironed black shirts all along)

So, I'm confused. Is MiB a entity of flesh and blood?

(sorry for any grammar errors) --Verdath 17:54, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

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