• Verdath

    Jesus Christ problem

    May 28, 2010 by Verdath

    Why Jesus died on cross?
    To save humanity.
    How his death could save humanity?
    People's sins died with him.
    Okay, but how?
    Because he's the Son of God.
    Why he is the Son of God?
    ...but why?
    ...I have no idea.

    And so on. Same applies to Lost. It's not important to answer all of the questions- "Every question I answer will simply lead to another question.". Thank you.

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  • Verdath

    Yeah, yeah, it's a little bit misleading title for a blog post, but I couldn't resist ;]
    Okay, if we assume, that Dogen's information about ways to kill Man in Black were correct (and it wasn't manipulation at all), Miles (yes, Miles) is the only person on The Island who can finish off Smokey- he never met him at all (well, Miles saw Big Bad Smoke in action, but they've never shared any words). So, if Straume manages to acquire the ancient dagger (where is it, anyone?) he can plunge it in Smoke's chest and vaya con Dios Fake Locke.

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  • Verdath

    It's kinda obvious that MiB cannot harm candidates... but something's wrong about that. In "This Place is Death" MiB in his (wild) Smoke Thing form attacked science team and grabbed Montand- who was candidate, as we learned much later. So, technically, he killed him. Okay, we can say, that science team (and Jin) is responsible for Montand's sorrow fate as they held his hand, causing his arm to be ripped off and therefore leading to Montand's demise as he likely bleeded to death. But still, Monster directly attacked candidate and I think it's unlikely, that Montand's name was crossed out at the time of "This Place is Death". What do you think?

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  • Verdath

    1) "I won't eat that fish, it's against the Rules!"
    I've read a lot of your theories about Jacob, but there's something I hate about them- most of you, people, assume, that Jacob CAN'T control his "touching" powers. So:
    -why Richard is ageless, but he isn't a candidate?
    -why Sawyer is a candidate, but he isn't ageless?
    -how does Jacob pee without making little Jackie a candidate?
    Interestingly, Jacob touches his breakfast fish in 1867, so maybe the fish is candidate too and that's why MiB didn't want to eat it. Okay, now more seriously- Jacob CAN control his powers. While in Russia, he didn't wear gloves to protect Ilana from magic touch. Also, in Ab Aeterno he kicked Ricardo's ass with his bare fists, without making him immortal. So, people, …

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  • Verdath

    There is one thing I cannot understand. We've already seen, that the Man in Black isn't ordinary man at all- and I'm not talking about his insane abilities and uber skills, but about fact, that he isn't human even while he impersonates one... let's see, when Sayid attacked Flocke in Sundown with The Very Special Monsterkilling Dagger, our favourite bald guy didn't even bleed. Okay, but what's the point? Well... my question is: can MiB eat and drink?
    1) The Incident, part 1- MiB refuses Jacob's fish and claims, that he had just ate. When I first heard this, it seemed strange to me.
    2) Ab Aeterno- MiB destroys Jacob's gift, spilling some fine wine around. At this point, I was convinced, that Flocke cannot eat and drink and that the prese…

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