It's newspaper about the lost and he is called ,, Lost Chronicles ,, if you have any idea about articles on this blog please say about it.



A plane mysteriously crashes on a tropical island! The survivors struggle to cope in their new environment, fighting off polar bears and smoke monsters. They even ran out of Peanuts in one episode, which made Hurley mad.

It turns out that the Peanut story line, and the first 5 seasons were pointless because they were all actually brought to the island to prove the smoke monster wrong, that humans aren't corrupt. But it turns out all humans are flawed anyway... fml.


Jack Shephard in a Nutshell

Roar, me fix people -- oh no, they dead. Me have letting go issues unlike my daddy, who doesn't give a crap if his patients die at his hand or not.

I believe I have a purpose now! Fucking annoying that it was to die... Hmmmm

Oh, now I'm a ghost and I'm back to my arrogant self... I refuse to believe that my "flashes" are real. Okay, my daddy told me I'm dead so I guess I believe them now.

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